Sunday, August 21, 2016

My Holi Festival Of Colors experience

Holi Festival Of Colors? -What is that?

The Holi Festival Of Colors is a traditional festival from India and it's one of the oldest festivals in the world. It's celebrated every year in March. 
You don't have to celebrate it in India, even though I think it would be the best country to celebrate it. Every hour all the guests take place on a huge square and after a countdown everyone throws packages with colored powder in the air. The festival tours all over the world and usually comes to big and major cities in each country (you can check up on tour dates and tickets online). This festival has the same expiration everywhere.

My experience

A few weeks ago the festival came to my city and I went there with a few of my friends. The festival started at 12pm and ended at 10pm. I personally think the tickets were pretty expensive with being something like 16 euros. Also each powder package costed 2.50 euros. Six dj's played their mashups during the festival.
 Every hour we got called to take place in front of the stage and after a 10-second countdown everyone threw their packages with the powder in the air. I highly recommend to wear mouth and eye protection because when everyone throws their packages around, it's almost like a wall of powder builds up around you. For some seconds you can't see anything. Then, after a few more seconds when the powder isn't flying around anymore, everyone next to you is completely colored with green, blue, pink, orange and purple powder. Everyone in this crowd was smiling, laughing and dancing. The whole atmosphere was really relaxed and peaceful. 

Can you wash the powder out of all your clothes?

You can easily remove the powder from your skin and hair with soap and warm water. After one hour in the washing machine my skin toned shorts are completely clean but after the same time of being in the washing machine, my white shirt has a grayish and blueish glow to it. I'd still recommend wearing light colored clothes, since the powder pops more on lighter colors than on dark colors.

My conclusion

The Holi Festival Of Colors is definetly worth an experience and so so so much fun! If you have the chance to attend it, then do it.
                     See you soon guys, all the love