Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Trying American burgers in Germany

                                                 Roadhouse - American Diner

Are Germans able to cook American food? -Yes, they are! Or at least, sometimes.

When I first went to the U.S in 2010, the number one thing that I realized is how different the food is from Germany. I went to this Diner and ate a burger. It was so good that I tried to find a restaurant in Germany where the burgers are just as good as in America. So, wherever I could I ate burgers, but I couldn't find great restaurants.

But a few years later, when I visited my family, I drive past an American Diner. It was Halloween which isn't really celebrated in Germany. I decided to go and eat in this Diner. Every worker wore a really well done and creepy costume. I've barely seen something like this before in Germany. So they brought me this burger and it was so good, literally a food porn. I've never eaten such a good burger in Germany. I went there more than once now and ate burgers. 

But...I guess American burgers are still a little bit better...